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I really like Small Clothes a lot!  Ruth is super nice and I love that they carry a wide selection of Baby Legs AND See Kai Run shoes!  They are also super selective about what they take, which is nice because there isn’t a lot of junk there that you have to dig through in order to find quality items!  I also like that it’s not super cluttery.  Love the new location as well, super easy access!

Melissa, Seattle, WA


I am in love with this place! I have found some amazing deals for my daughter here. Unlike most consignment shops I don’t have to dig thru a ton of crap here. In fact I had to limit the amount of great things to buy. I may never have to buy new again!!



Small Clothes is a high quality consignment shop run by an awesome woman Ruth!  She always has the cutest stuff in a wide variety of ages.  She totally gets new moms and is the perfect person to chat with while finding what you need.   She has good consignment deals and really understands her client base.

Jaclyn, Seattle, WA


This is the place to find GREAT hardly worn kid clothes in Seattle. Ruth and Stephanie have created a great atmosphere and a terrific business model.  They are super picky about what they take – and I always find things for all of my kids.  I don’t know what I would do without Smallclothes up the street from my house.  They have a nice selection of new items for presents for new babies and a great selection of shoes for all sizes. Run do not walk to Smallclothes! You’ll be glad you did!!!

Toddy, Seattle, WA































































3214 California Avenue SW, Seattle, WA  98116


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